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Strong Waterproof Sealing Tape For Water Pipes And Buckets

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1. Put it on vehicles and equipment for emergency pipeline repairs.
2. Seal leaking pipes, pipes and pipes.
3. Watertight electrical connections and terminals.
4. Used as an emergency fan belt

Product information:

Material: PVC
Style: simple and stylish
Features:Waterproof leak trap
Colour: white, black

Packing list:

Leak-trapping tape*1

1. Not suitable for uneven surfaces, the water pressure is too high, and the water temperature is too high.
2. It cannot be used for hot water pipes and heating pipes.
3. It is recommended to use the temperature at 5-50°, too high or too low temperature will affect the viscosity of the glue.
4. This product is very sticky. Once connected, it cannot be torn off or reconnected. It can no longer be used.

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